Germany Developed "portable Studio" Tour Record

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With increasingly fierce competition for news, live more and more important, but the structures in the field Studio Is a very difficult piece to do. In response, the German media and technological workers developed a portable Studio , Demolished it into the box can be checked by the aircraft, shortly after arrival to re-build. 4, the reporter went to Germany to visit Cologne this studio.

Studio show built using ordinary office in a corner, it is 2.8 meters high and 3 meters wide, depth of 4 meters. As with ordinary broadcast studio as the middle of it stood a table and a chair, table set microphone, a chair behind the walls of pure green background fabric. Opposite wall 4 meters away is a Video camera . Stood not far from the camera by a computer and display consisting of two central control system.

Developer of the studio, according to this "media innovation," the company's Decote? Salder introduction, the advantages of this studio is a very small footprint, lower cost, to achieve Virtual studio The basic functions, and the need to significantly reduce the technical staff, usually only one person can work in the central control system.

Show except with the studio camera, the other set of equipment can be placed in a 1.5 meter long, 0.5 meters wide, 0.5-meter box, weighs only 16 kg, the total price of 70,000 euros.

According to reports, studio space this small trick is to use the LED (light emitting diode). LED small size, high brightness, the heat generated is small, so small footprint, high demands on the studio greatly reduced, if the host broadcast, then sitting, the height can be more than 2 meters. According to reports, this specific LED color temperature from 2500 to 6800 can be adjusted between Kelvin, the color can be transformed.

This studio on the camera without special request, be fixed, and adjusted the focal length does not require manual adjustment after the. Camera input images after the central control system computer for processing. Staff members may choose at the central control system, Vista, medium shot and close-range images, and with the virtual background synthesis. After synthesis of the screen output, appears in the audience, as the same host in the Virtual studio broadcast. The virtual studio can be easily implemented on a screen in front of reporters or a remote host and interview guests to connect the double screen effect. According to reports, researchers can design according to user needs different virtual studio.

Present, this studio can only pull the virtual realization of the camera function, but also shake the camera function can not be achieved, because the latter involves the continuous transformation of different images on the technology requirements and costs are also high.

Salder that the high cost of traditional studio, occupying a large space, can not move, and with the media, more and more people who like to watch live Video Reports, so TV station And network and other media on the growing demand for portable studio. The advent of portable studio will further change the way journalists work, and advanced Communicate Technologies will live after it increasingly easy to achieve, so live a normal media work.

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Germany Developed "portable Studio" Tour Record

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This article was published on 2010/09/16